Welcome to Life and The Stuff That Happens! The Tiffs and Turns of Today.

I will be writing poems and inspirational quotes about living in general; self-help tips; and pictures.  I will be blogging about real issues of today.  One Tiff after another and how to handle life with grace.

Remember, people can’t be changed.  So make each day as good as you can and replace each negative with a positive. 

Relax with your favorite drink, or Keto/os mixed any way you like and enjoy life and the stuff that happens.

Have a beautiful day! 








The Origin of a Phrase

The meaning of a phrase:

  • A Chip on your shoulder:
  •   Being very angry about situations that happened in the past.  Holding a grudge.
  • A Dime a Dozen:  
  •    Something that is very common and easy to acquire.
  •   A Fool and his Money are Soon Parted:    A person that is acting foolish with          money and possessions can lose their money due to carelessness or by being tricked.                                                  
  • A Piece of Cake:    A task that is easy to complete. Also similar to another phrase:  Easy As Pie.
  • An Arm and a Leg:   An idiom that means the price paid for something was extremely expensive.  Excessive.
  •   All Greek To Me:    When something doesn’t make any sense due to a complex nature.
  • Back to Square One:    To start over from the beginning.
  • Back to the Drawing Board:    To start over again on a design that previously failed.
  • Barking up the Wrong Tree:    To assume something that happened to another, and being wrong in doing so.
  • Beating A Dead Horse:    Bringing up old issues that once were resolved.
  • Beating Around the Bush:    Someone that avoids the issue or task.  Procrastination.
  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place:    When someone is given two difficult choices.
  • Birds of a Feather Flock Together:    People with similar interests gather together.
  • Break The Ice:   When a person is new to a group and gains social acceptance.
  • Burst Your Bubble:    To purposefully ruin another person’s celebration of happiness.



Inspirational pics

Kansas Prairie

This Windmill represents the prairie’s of Kansas.  This is the original photo of windmills that sat on the plains of yesterday.  A new, more modern windmill has now been created making the windmills of yesterday obsolete. Often times you can find these windmills on old farmsteads that have been refurbished. The beauty of the land…

Author catj35


Mother’s Day Poem!


Mother’s Day; a celebration in May for many women in the world. 

A Scheduled time each year to dine, with those that are so dear.

Enjoy today; Just have fun;

Good food, Good people and Laughter should,

Bring joy for all the good they’ve done; long after we are grown.

For all of the mothers and also to others that role model as well;

Thank you so much for the positive stuff that lasts in our lives forever!


Author catj35     5-14-2017




When someone lies to you, a loved one that you thought was true. It doesn’t matter once its done. Lies are deceit; of Satan, and wrong…

When someone lies, it doesn’t matter; once its done you feel like shattered; glass. It’s all in pieces now…

When someone lies to your face, it tends to set you in a place; of hurt and doubt, and questions too; in hopes that the apology is true…

When someone lies more than once; with no remorse for what they’ve done; you ask for answers, but you find none…

When someone lies right to your eyes, and then repeats this again; the pain inside, grows deep and wide; and sometimes you just feel dead…

When someone lies and says their sorry; are they really? Or are the words just like the wind; since the next thing you know, they’ve done it again…

When someone lies you want to believe, their words that blew into the trees.  But soon you hear, that they don’t know; how to fix their problems; whoa! You wonder why this is so…

When someone lies, you want them to stop; but if they don’t, say enough.  Walking will be super hard; but staying gives way too much; heartbreak; it’s really tough…

When someone lies for many years; it takes a toll on the listener’s ears. Stay or go; I do not know; aching heart; it’s such a blow…

When someone lies and they won’t change; time becomes a waiting game. Apologies fail, due to the  mistakes; over the years and face to face…

When someone lies…

The pain inside…

Keeps growing wide…

Author catj35 5-6-17